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KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL – Patrachar vidyalaya, Cbse Patrachar, Cbse Open, Cbse Private Admission class 10th 12th

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    CBSE Patrachar, Patrachar vidyalaya, Patrachar  school in Delhi is an educational institute working to help school dropout and failed students for admission in CBSE Patrachar, Patrachar vidyalaya, Patrachar, CBSE correspondence, CBSE private, CBSE open school & CBSE improvement Exam in Delhi. we guide and provide information for admission in class 10th, 12th and also give coaching classes for all subjects at our centers in Delhi. There are many schools and educational institutions in the country, to admit bright students, impart training and get all pass records easily.

    The question is who will help those dejected students failed from regular schools in class 9th or 11th or the students dropped out from school due to their own reasons? – This question triggered the idea of forming an exclusive educational institution KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL. The sole objective is wiping off the tears of those unlucky youngsters and makes them smile again, by regaining their school-life happily, complete school education, pass board exams of class 10th and 12th and fly-out towards their future!

    KSC Patrachar school Vision:

    KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL strongly believes that given an opportunity, the failed and drop-out school students will grab the same enthusiastically, to get pass & fulfill their dreams. The motivation, coaching and supporting activities of KSC Patrachar school will go a long way, in increasing the successful school student’s population in India. Besides it will bring forth boundless joy in the minds of aggrieved parents.

    KSC Patrachar school Mission:

    With a clear-cut Vision formed, all the members of KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL bear this in mind; and strive hard towards achieving this noble vision. Their dedication and involvement in preparing the dejected students for another round of facing the exams, with renewed vigor makes KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL stand out of the crowd and far ahead among peers.

    KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL CLASSES for Patrachar vidyalaya, CBSE Private candidate, CBSE open school class 10th 12th students.

    KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL  has been functioning in the educational arena. With the help of expert educationists, KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL has been rendering a valuable service, by inviting failed and drop-out students from school, who are searching for a trusted helping-source. They provide them the opportunity to get admitted in respective secondary and senior secondary level study courses, in various streams of boards of education run by central government, sharpen their skills by special coaching classes conducted in their study centers at Delhi, with convenient timings of morning, evening or week-ends sessions.

    The individualized tuition with modern facilities and other equipment is imparted in a methodical way.  The class-room environment is painstakingly made pleasant, with well-lit rooms, airy windows, blackboards and furniture etc. The student sitting in the class feels very comfortable and is at ease.

    The subjects of 10th Standard and 12th Standard are illustrated clearly, by the KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL teaching professionals to the students. In this process, the fact that – those students have failed once in some subjects, and they should get back the skill and self-confidence by thorough knowledge – is always taken into consideration.

    With this realization in mind, the teaching professionals approach the exercise of enlightenment of knowledge to the students. They concentrate on removing the fear in the minds of students and still hope that by repeated practice, any subject or lesson is easy to learn. The students get well-prepared guides, notes, study materials and appropriate tips to provide clever answers to the questions.

    Cbse Patrachar Admission | Cbse correspondence admission | Cbse private candidate | Cbse open school admission | Cbse improvement Exam 

    Our institute helps and guide for direct admission in class 10th or 12th. All the students who want to complete their schooling as a private students contact us for different courses for class 10th or class 12th. Following are the different courses for which the students can apply for class 10th or 12th admission and coaching classes with us.

    Patrachar Vidyalaya Admission Class 10th and 12th.

    This is a Board of Education formed for providing Secondary and Senior Secondary Education, to the students (males and females) residing at Delhi. Patrachar Vidyalaya follows CBSE Syllabus for 10th class and 12th class students.

    Primarily the objective of Patrachar Vidyalaya is to provide opportunity for failed students and drop-outs from school. After passing 8th class with one year gap; failed in 9th class; dropped out in 9th class or those studied privately up to 9th class are admitted directly for 10th class from CBSE board.

    Similarly, those failed in 11th class, dropped out in 11th class, passed 10th class one year before is admitted directly for 12th class from CBSE board.

    We uses this opportunity to admit failed students in Patrachar Vidyalaya 10th class and 12th class under open admission system, enables everything for completing the admission formalities and offers special coaching to augment their skills and pass the respective 10th or 12th class exams.

    CBSE Open Admission for 10th and 12th Class:

    CBSE is a centralized board recognized all over Indian schools. So the secondary and senior secondary school certificates awarded to students, who pass are highly regarded as meritorious.

    Students who passed 8th Standard and waited for one year; failed in 9th Standard, drop-outs in 9th Standard can get CBSE open admission directly for 10th class through our help.

    Likewise, students who have passed 10th Standard and waited for one year, failed in 11th standard, drop-outs in 11th standard are admitted in CBSE open admission for 12th class through our help.

    CBSE Improvement exam Admission for 10th and 12th Class:

    KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL helps those students pass in 10th Class or 12th Class, but feel their marks and percentage are not enough, to get enhanced marks. These Students are helped to get admitted to CBSE improvement admission for 10th and 12th Class.

    They can get admit card and hall ticket through KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL, for re-appearing in the respective exams, secure high marks by the special coaching given by KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL experts and pass out with top-marks this time.

    CBSE Correspondence Admission for 10th and 12th Class:

    We have one more route for failed students to regain their school-life, by re-appearing for 10th Standard and 12th Standard exams and pass out happily. CBSE correspondence admission for 10th and 12th class paves way for this.

    The student failed in 10th or 12th can continue their studies, without attending regular schooling, by correspondence admission. For those working anywhere, KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL facilitates convenient timings of morning, evening or week-ends in their special coaching classes.

    By focused attention on training the students with special coaching provided by the experienced experts of KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL, these students get more knowledge and enlightenment in the failed-subjects. Next time when they face 10th or 12th exam, it becomes easier for them to pass with high marks.

    KSC PATRACHAR SCHOOL Stands for Successful Completion of School Education!

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