NIOS ON DEMAND EXAM 2024 for students fail in class 10th and fail in class 12th

"Nios-on-demand-exam" Welcome to KSC Patrachar school for Nios on Demand exam system of the Nios board. Nios on Demand exam, or Nios ODES, is an essential feature of the Nios board. It helps the students who could not qualify for the board exams of class 10th and 12th from the CBSE board or any other recognized state board in India. Generally, if the students fail in class 10th or 12th, they can appear in board exams next year. But Now the Nios on-demand exam or Nios odes have made it possible for them to appear in the same year from the Nios board.

Why the Nios on-demand exam for classes 10th fail and 12th fail Students?

Regular School Students face school final board exams for classes 10th and 12th Examinations once a year. It is the only opportunity given to them to prove their capacity. In this Annual Exam, the Evaluation is done on what they have written in their answer Papers.

Marks are awarded based on their Answers. Ultimately, these Marks decide their Merit – whether they Pass or Fail the Exam. 

Many Students are unable to cope with this System. There may be many reasons, like fear and confusion in writing the Right Answer in the board exams. But all these cannot be considered by the Evaluators. They see what is written on the Answer Papers to award Marks. As a result, a large number of students are unable to qualify for the 10th class board exam and 12th class board exams. The drawback of this schooling system is that they can appear again for the following board exams after one year. As a result, a precious year of the students is lost. Also, if the Student fails the 10th and 12th board exams, they must appear in all subjects again if they passed one or two subjects in the previous Exam.

The National Institute of Open Schooling has found an easy way to save these failed students’ year. They have introduced a new System Nios on-demand exam for the Students who failed in board exams of classes 10th and 12th. The scheme of credit transfer Now makes it possible for students to appear in failed subjects only. In other words, if a student has passed two or three subjects in the previous board exam, then a maximum of two passed subjects are transferred to the Nios board. Students have to appear only in three subjects exam, not all subjects. It is a relief to students as their 40% burden is reduced.


NIOS Board wanted to eliminate students’ difficulties facing one-time Exams per year for 10th and 12th board-failed students and the students enrolled with the Nios board. So, they introduced the On Demand Exam System for 10th-class Secondary and 12th-class Senior Secondary Courses.

This new System gives complete flexibility for Students studying in Open and Distance Learning. The Time Frame is eliminated from the Examinations. The Student can walk into the Exam Hall when they are ready and well-prepared for board exams. 

It will first eliminate the Exam fear. Since students face the Exam only when they are fully prepared, they won’t have Exam Fear. When their mind is free, Answers to the Questions appear readily. They write down the Right Answers and can score very Good Marks.


The secondary Grade, the 10th Class Exam, is significant for Students. Only after Passing this Exam can they choose the Option for the future. They can divert to get some more Technical qualifications, to get a Good Job. 

Students who failed Class 10th board exams or enrolled with the Nios board for class 10th are eligible to apply for Nios on-demand exam.

10th fail students from the CBSE board or other state boards have to apply online on the Nios website for Nios on-demand exam registration. If students are passed in one or two subjects, they can benefit from the credit transfer scheme and appear in failed subjects only.

The students enrolled in class 10th Nios board who want to appear for Nios on-demand exam only have to pay the exam fees. Students can choose the nearest Nios regional center or the school allowed by the Nios board.

NIOS On Demand Exam Subjects list for class 10th 

  Hindi (201), English (202), Sanskrit (209), Mathematics (211), Science & Technology (212), Social Science (213), Economics (214), Business Studies (215), Home Science (216), Psychology (222), Indian Culture & Heritage (223), Painting (225) and Data Entry Operations (229), Accountancy (224), Bharatiya Darshan (247) and Sanskrit Sahitya (248).

NIOS ON-DEMAND EXAM FOR CLASS 12th fail students :

"On-Demnad-exam-10th-12th" The Senior Secondary Course 12th Class is an essential one. It is the stepping stone for Collegiate Education and obtaining Graduation and Postgraduation Degrees. Nios on-demand exam is a golden chance for students who failed in class 12th from the CBSE board or any other recognized board in India. Like class 10th, these students can also apply for exams in the same year they failed. These students can also benefit from the credit transfer scheme and appear only in failed Subjects. Hence, NIOS students greatly benefit from the ODE System with the credit transfer scheme.

Nios on demand Subjects list for Class 12th

Hindi (301), English (302), Sanskrit (309), Mathematics (311), Physics (312), Chemistry (313), Biology (314), History (315), Geography (316), Political Science (317), Economics (318), Business Studies (319), Accountancy (320), Home Science (321), Psychology (328), Sociology (331), Painting (332), Environmental Science (333), Mass Communication (335), Data Entry Operations (336). and Introduction to Law (338).

How does the Nios on demand exam System work?

A Question Bank is generated from random Questions on the Subject. All the Question Papers are different but with the same difficulty level.

The Student’s knowledge, understanding, application level, and skill competencies are considered. After this, the Questions are codified for each Subject, along with Marks allocated for the Question.

NIOS On Demand Exams is conducted every month. The Exam Centres and date and time of the Exam are published on the student portal Official Website of the NIOS Board.

The Student desirous of appearing for a particular Exam should apply to the NIOS Board and get the Admission Card.

Nios on Demand Exam Result:

The Evaluation of Answer Papers will be carried out within a month. The Results of the Exams conducted in the previous month will be declared immediately in the next month.

The Students can check their results on the Official Website of NIOS during the last week of every month.

Regional Centres distribute the marks sheet to the Students who appeared for the ODE. Failed Students can reappear for the next Exam.

“Re-checking” and “Re-evaluation” of Answer Papers are available for ODE also. The Candidate may apply to the Director (Evaluation) for this. Students must use Only the prescribed format, available on the NIOS website.

Medium of Nios on demand exam Question Paper:

The Question Paper of the Nios on demand exam will be in English medium and Hindi Medium only. However, Students appearing in the Regional Medium for ODE will have a choice of Answering the Question Paper in the Respective Regional Medium. Prior intimation will provide the question paper to the ODE concerned.

Students can also check the page Nios admission for more Information about Nios board.