NIOS Online Admission form 2024-2025 on SDMIS NIOS for Classes 10th 12th


Nios online admission SDMIS 2024-2025: – Welcome to KSC Patrachar school for the complete information about the Nios online admission for Classes 10th and 12th. Entries to the Nios board for secondary courses, classes 10th, and 12th, is entirely an online Process. All students desirous of Passing 10th or 12th classes must apply online at the official website of the Nios board.

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Why Nios board online Admission SDMIS NIOS for 10th 12th is Gaining Popularity?

The Schooling System in India has undergone profound changes. First of all, Education is taken out of Regular Schools. Now whoever wants to learn Education can do so without attending School. The same and similar Lessons taught in Regular Schools are taught outside Schools. Amazing? But it is true! Many learned Wizards in the Education field put their brains together. They analyzed every aspect of Education in detail. 

The first hurdle is every Learner has to go from 1st Standard to 10th Standard – year after year. It is not possible for every Learner for so many reasons. Many learners could not find time to go to School at all. They have to earn their living by working somewhere. 

Yet they may be interested in studying Education and improving their knowledge and status. Is there a system for learning without going to School for these people? It is how the Wizards thought.

Out of several Research and the most comprehensive discussions, the Government of India found a System. It is called Open Schooling by the National Institute of Open Schooling. The name makes it clear that Schooling is wide open and not confined to Schools alone. The Government of India formulated an Educational Board to impart Education all over the country uniformly.

It is how the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) was born. The Ministry of Education manages this Educational Board by the Government of India. 

The Objective of the NIOS Board is to educate Indian Students all over the country. The Subjects studied by the Students should be the same. The certificate obtained after Passing the 10th Class – Secondary and senior secondary Courses will be the same value as the CBSE Board and other state boards. 

Nios online admission Form 2024-2025 for classes 10th 12th AT SDMIS NIOS

For joining the NIOS Board Courses, the Technology Advancements in India are being used by the students. The Admission for the Courses is conducted only ONLINE. It is because the Learner now need not travel to NIOS Board regional offices or Nios study centers. As such, all NIOS Courses entries are carried out Online only at SDMIS NIOS. It saves time and makes applying for the intended Course easier. Documents can be checked in no time and verified.

Nios Admission via Nios online admission form at SDMIS NIOS is divided into two blocks for students who want to apply for class 10th or Class 12th the first time. It is called Nios admission Stream 1 block 1, for the Public exam in March/April every year, and Nios Admission stream 1 Block 2 for September/October Public exam. Because of this online admission feature at SDMIS NIOS, Admission to the Nios board Opens throughout the year, and students can visit the Nios board website 24*7 any time for Admission to class 10th or class 12th.

Students who want to apply for the Nios Courses for classes 10th and 12th must complete the online form with all the details. 

Nios online Admission eligibility for classes 10th 12th for SDMIS NIOS:

"Nios-online-admission sdmis" Admissions for Classes 10th and 12th to the Nios board are subject to some eligibility conditions. Students who want to apply for Nios online admission at SDMIS Nios can check all the eligibility details for class 10th admission and Class 12th admission below 

Eligibility criteria for joining 10th Class for applying for Nios online Admission at SDMIS NIOS

 For Nios 10th class admission at SDMIS NIOS, 

  • The Candidate must have completed 14 years of age when applying. They must produce proof of Age – A school leaving certificate, Municipal Authority birth certificate, or complete date of birth on the Aadhar card of students applying for the 10th class. 
  • Those who have Passed or are Unsuccessful in the 8th Class this year with a gap of one year are eligible. 
  • Those who have studied up to the 9th Class and discontinued can also get Admission to 10th Class directly. 

All the above students can join the Nios courses for class 10th by applying via Nios online Admission form at SDMIS NIOS. 

Eligibility criteria for joining 12th Class for applying for Nios online Admission at SDMIS NIOS

 For Nios senior secondary Courses class 12th Admission via Nios online form at SDMIS Nios, the students must have completed 15 years of age at the time of Admission. Also, the student should have Passed the 10th Class Secondary Grade exam from NIOS, or any Recognized Board in India can apply. 

Generally, after passing the 10th Class, the student has to study class 11th first, and after passing Class 11th, the students are transferred to Class 12th. But for the Nios board, after passing class 10th, a student can apply for Direct 12th Class admission in the same year he passed class 10th. The Important feature of Nios 12th Class admission is that it allows the 10th passed students in the same year to join the Nios Courses for class 12th. But a Student can apply for public examination in a maximum of four subjects applied only in the next year. If he qualifies for all four subjects in the first general exam, he can appear for the fifth and additional subjects in the next year. Hence after Passing class 10th, a student has to qualify for the Five subjects in two years to get the class 12th senior school certificate from the Nios board.

How Students can apply for NIOS online Admission 2024-25 on SDMIS NIOS for classes 10th and 12th

 students have to follow the steps given below at the official website of the Nios board for Nios 10th Class admission and Nios 12th class admission

  • First, the students must carefully read the online admission form instructions. After this, students must select the state, identity type they are using for Admission, Identity number, and Class for which they want to apply, either class 10th or 12th.
  • After this, the students have to click on the submit button, which redirects the online form to the next part, which is the basic details of the students.
  • Studets ca now fill the basic details like the student’s name, mother’s name, father’s name, mobile number, and email ID. After this students can click the generate OTP button. A one-time password is sent by the Nios board on the mobile and email Id of the student. When students enter both correct OTP, It goes to the next section of the Nios online admission form.
  • In the next Part, Students must correct all the Optional details. After submitting it, in the next section students can choose the subjects they want to study.
  • In the next step, students must choose a study center. Astudent can choose maximum of three where they can attend the Nios PCP personal contact program classes.
  • After selecting the Study center, Now it is time for students to upload Important documents. Students must uploaed recent Passport size Photographs, signatures, and other eligibility documents for Nios Course Admission.
  • After submitting all the information and documents, all the students must check the submitted form very carefully. It should be notes that the information filled is correct. Nios board cancel the admission if it finds any wrong Information. There is no refund of fees.
  • At the last step, students should check the form once again. If it is ok then the students can make the fee payment. They can pay it by using any payment method given on the Nios website. 
  • After this step, Nios board officials check the Nios online admission form submitted and verify it. after all verification an enrollment number and student Identity card are issued to the student. 

Nios online admission form last date, Important dates 2024-2025 for Classes 10th 12th

Students applying for Nios online form 2024-2025 At SDMIS Nios must check the Important dates and the last date of the online admission form for Nios stream one, block one and block two. Students can also check the late fee applicable for both blocks.

Nios Online Admission Important Dates of Nios Online Admission Stream-1, last date  Late Fee Nios board Examination in which the students can appear first time
Block-1 Stream-1 For Public exam in (April/May, 2025) 16th March 2024 – 31 July 2024 No late fees Practical exams in April 2024 and theory exams in May 2024
1 August 2024 – 15th August 2024 with late fee of Rs. 200/-
16th August 2024 to 31st August 2024 with late fee of Rs. 400/-
1st September 2024 to 15th September 2024 with late fee of Rs. 700/-
Stream 1 Block-II for Public exam in October/November, 2024 16th September 2023 to 31st January 2024 No late fees Practical exam in October 2024 and theory exams in November, 2024
1st February 2024 to 15th February 2024 with late fee of Rs. 200/-
16th February 2024 to 28th February 2024 with late fee of Rs. 400/-
1st March 2024 to 15th March 2024 with late fee of Rs. 700/-